Return of the Perm

Ben Bush


Has every hairstyle been exhausted? The iterations of the Mohawk? The social signifier of the Jennifer Anniston dyed/bleached and layered cut? The…

Reboots uniting parents and children: pop-cultural apologism

Ben Bush


I’ve often wondered if remakes and reboots are timed about a generation apart in order to hit two demographics at once. Parents and children…

Film: RiP: A Remix Manifesto

Ben Bush


My own position on copyright gets muddier and muddier but this is a compelling and visually enticing copyleft documentary starring the usual suspects…

Fanzine Speaks! Kaya Oakes and Indie Everything

Ben Bush



Hey special thanks to Kaya Oakes for a great time last Sunday at Skylight Books and thanks to everyone who was…

Book: Deborah Eisenberg

Ben Bush


Last week Deborah Eisenberg was given one of this year’s famed MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grants. I’m a big fan of her short stories,…

Book: Awkward Press

Ben Bush


Jeffrey Dinsmore’s novels begin as page-turning genre fiction satires but in their oddness and literary invention quickly veer into something else….

DJ/rupture: Mudd Up! WFMU

Ben Bush


When I first heard DJ/rupture’s Minesweeper Suite with its brutal combination of club hip-hop, breakcore and obscure international gems, it opened a…

Music: Serengeti

Ben Bush


Novelty rap song or brilliant character portrait? "Dennehy" is the single from Chicago rapper Serengeti’s album of the same name. The…

Understanding Comics

Ben Bush


There has been a lot of hand-wringing among critics that high-quality journalism will be lost as news makes it’s transition onto the internet but…

Book: Infinite Summer

Ben Bush


Before leaving for a year abroad in South Korea, I used a razor blade to cut my copy of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest into four sections:…