Other: The Jejune Institute

Ben Bush


Psychic cult, Jungian therapy or brilliant art project? If you’re at all near San Francisco, do not miss visiting the remarkable Jejune Institute….

O Captain, My Captain — Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

Ben Bush



When Tom Waits’ Bone Machine first came out my favorite song on it was "She’s Such a Scream" and I played it…


Ben Bush


Feel like trading your skills at canvas stretching for web design? Wanna swap your grant-writing chops for a letter-pressed edition of your short…

Birkensnake Issue 3

Press: Awkward Birkensnake

Ben Bush


Novelist Brian Conn and Fanzine contributor Joanna Ruocco edit the fiction journal Birkensnake. While issue two was bound in a weird, plasticky…

Black Planet David Shields

Book: Black Planet: Facing Race During an NBA Season

Ben Bush


With the NBA season starting later this month, it seemed like a good time to recommend this book from David Shields about the, ahem, 1994-1995 season…

Book: Camden Joy: Palm Tree 13

Ben Bush


I was first introduced to Camden Joy’s writing by The Greatest Album Ever Told, his beautifully letter-pressed screed about Frank Black’s Teenager…

First Ammendment Porn: Free Speech and Free Language

Ben Bush


No, not the First Ammendment as it applies to pornography but pornography for those who love the First Ammendment. Read Village Voice columnist…

Small Gains in My Ability to Picture Internet Infrastructure

Ben Bush


Other than some mental of image of a highly air-conditioned server farm full of droning hard drives, I have a pretty limited ability to actually…

Tooting the Vuvuzela for Spain!

Ben Bush


There’s no end of good things to be said about the Netherlands. Nobody trompes the oeil quite like Vermeer. They gave us Van Gogh and their brave…

Wigleaf’s Top 50 Stories: Josh Cohen’s Identical City

Ben Bush


Joshua Cohen’s short story for Fanzine "Identical City" was selected by Brian Evenson for Wigleaf’s annual list of the Top 50 Very…