ARTICLES BY Andrew James Weatherhead

The Origin of the World

Andrew James Weatherhead


“The eye, the skull, the earth, the universe: / circumference is everywhere, / the center not to be located.” A new long poem by Andrew James Weatherhead, composed entirely from blurbs on the backs of books found in his bedroom.

The British Empire

Andrew James Weatherhead


“People you love / are eating without you.” A new poem by Andrew James Weatherhead.


Andrew James Weatherhead


A new poem by Andrew James Weatherhead concerning an electric guitar and food, selected by Spring poetry editor, Molly Brodak.

My shovel // Sparkles like words: Anthony McCann Dig and Dialogue

Andrew James Weatherhead


Anthony McCann is pushing the folds of language back like he is walking through the Origin of the World and it is a woodland. "It’s almost as if I were saying these things / To someone––to you––or not even to you"––or to Andrew James Weatherhead as he delves into I Heart Your Fate, McCann’s latest from Wave Books. Let them show you this: these mineral veins of vivid word.