ARTICLES BY Alyssa Bianca-Pavley

Art: Amy Granat: The Sheltering Sky

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Amy Granat’s video exhibition creates an environment through projected images and the use of light. The show is inspired by (and takes…

Art: Tim Burton at MOMA – NYC

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Tim Burton got his start at Walt Disney studios, where he worked for several years as an animator before jumping to live-action directing with the…

Art: Dotty Attie, What Would Mother Say

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Dottie Attie’s show at PPOW is a compelling installation, exploring gender ambiguity and the way words can completely change an image. Her…

Performa’s Dénoument

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Performa’s Denoument

Zak Smith Super(porn)star

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Alyssa Bianca-Pavley went to a ZaK Smith reading the other night and came back with the dirt

Now at the Whitney: Photoconceptualism, 1966-1973

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


There is a whole lot of awesome currently crammed into the Whitney Museum of American Art. “Photoconceptualism, 1966-1973” is third in a series of exhibitions that focuses on the photography collection amassed by the Whitney. This show, though tiny, is comprised of incredibly compelling conceptual photographs by artists such as Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Adrian Piper, and Mel Bochner, to name only a few.

Kinke Kooi

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Note: we meant to get something done on this show before it goes down, but alas it’s going down today.  Anyway, if you are out and about…

A Triennial is Born And It’s Younger Than Jesus

Alyssa Bianca-Pavley


Yes there is a new ‘-ennial’ out there.  A triennial – at the New Museum in New York’s (re)burgeoning bowery art scene. On inception it’s being called The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, because everyone in the show is under 33.  And we wonder if they are going to keep the same title ever year? ‘Younger than Jesus’ that is? I mean what if all the believers out there are right and Jesus happens to come back in the years in between? Guess the Priory of Sion is not in on this one.  Alyssa Bianca-Pavley, quite younger than Jesus herself, gives us the run down in brief.