Art: Jesse Bransford : The Jungle (for Norma), works on paper

Casey McKinney


Am stoked about this show. Two favorite persons and artists, Jesse Bransford and Karsten Krejcarek, made a journey together to the jungles of Peru for an “experience.” Hmmm, wonder what that could have been?… but ask. It involved a Shaman, some initial wretching and wooziness, and then a grand clarifying transformation, with egos stripped then rebuilt. In Bransford’s visions the two became one, both very blurry, nuclei not joining up with the proper electrons, blending into some colorful soup; then as smooth as it began, they separated quickly and became individuals again; some residue a cherished bonus. This show, of Bransford’s work, is an enlightening document from a skeptic on the surface, yet one constantly striving at the arts of an adept (how many of those, for real, do you know?). Results are beautiful. Come and see. At Feature Inc. in NYC. Thursday, April 8- Sunday, May 9, 2010; See an artist talk on Mom’s Day, Sunday May 9th at 6:30 pm with Brasford Krejarek. -CM

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