1st Obama and McCain debate in its entirety

Renic Lee


Ah shit we got Rick Rolled… again! Damn ye! Well that’s not as bad as what John McCain did to David Letterman. As Dave said, something smelled about his cancelled appearance.

So, we’ll have to wait and see if McCain can rush in and save the economy over the weekend or whatever publicity stunt a man at his age can muster up to draw attention away from the time sensitive, potentially calamitous economic crisis and onto himself. Me, I’m investing in Revlon, lipstick to be exact (but not Palin’s brand or color), and bulldogs, and I’ll start a new sport of dog fighting/kissing that’ll be a little more glamorous and cuddly than the Michael Vick variety.

Or wait, was that lipstick on a pig? I don’t know, can’t remember, don’t give a damn. I did see a greased pig catching contest as a kid. My dad wanted me to sign up… I just looked at him.

To see the real debate in its entirety (which did go off as planned) go here: pt 1, pt 2, pt 3.

-Renic Lee.