Billie Rankin



flammability is a habitual circumstance.
the domestication of cyprus sees
100 years of a particular estate
set to flame by a group of teenagers :
a particularly subversive act of unintended decolonising.
instead, seen ,
scorched; sad quotidian artefacts, found in a smoulder;
a co-constitution of rubble,
a new absence,
a carcinogen,
the melted eye of a child’s bear.
for what returns and
for what is sore and
for what was saw:
purpose, control, management, unseeing , rubric.
tiny monuments from one, to another,
onward until degradation.
“Too soon”
“Accidents happen”
“Oh fuck”


Billie is a poet, geographer, and kindergarten teacher living in nipaluna/Hobart. They work with text as a form of play and catharsis and will never write a better poem than their 3 year old students.